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Showreels edited - Voicereels recorded

Selftape auditions recorded

07973 746255

Hello, I’m Brian Barnes.  I have edited and recorded dozens of showreels and voicereels.  My clients come back again and again, because my reels really help them to succeed.


I have been working as a Director and Editor in corporate videos, feature films and TV since 1987.  I have also trained and performed as an actor myself.  I can therefore spot truthful and effective performances immediately.


I know how to present you in your best light.    I will spend as much time and effort as it takes to get your reel working perfectly, because I love what I do and I’m here to help.


Based in Surrey Quays, Southeast London



For best results, we should aim for a tight 2 minute reel, although up to 3 minutes can be acceptable.


For the all-inclusive price of £100, I’ll edit together your best work from your original sources and supply you with your new showreel as a file suitable for uploading to YouTube, Mandy and Spotlight.

This price covers a full-day session and includes the cost of editing, sound ‘sweetening’ and picture grading to make your work look and sound the best it can.


I encourage you to sit in with me all day, but I can work remotely, if you prefer.


For longer or multiple reels of different lengths, please contact me for a full quote.



Got absolutely nothing to show your voice talent and need to record something?


I’ll record scripts with you and edit them into a complete voicereel with music and sound effects.


The session takes a full day and costs £100.


We’ll aim for a tight 2 minute reel as an ideal, although up to 3 minutes can be acceptable.


You’ll need to bring 5-6 scripts of around 20 seconds each that show your range and any accents, language or character skills you have.  I’ll help you develop your performance as we record them together.


For longer or multiple reels of different lengths, please contact me for a full quote.


Alternatively, I can edit your existing material into an accomplished reel.

Brian knows exactly what casting directors and agents want from a showreel, which is why his reels are so successful and actors and presenters go back to him again and again to get their reels revised.


I managed to secure my current agent on the strength of my new reel

- Micheal Lehane


Thank you so much for all your help to completely re-hash my old showreel and ruthlessly keep the new one to within normal time.


I’m incredibly happy with it!


- Reshmin Chowdhury, BBC Sports

Brian has edited my showreel regularly since 2009 and also produced my voice reel.


I am impressed with his professionalism and work ethic.


I recommend him as the man to see when it comes to getting it right, no matter what!


Rock on, Brian!

Ray Bull, TV Actor

I found Brian’s work to be amongst the best.


His creativity, directorial skills and ability of perfect timing surpassed my expectations.


I will certainly be calling on Brian again for future projects

Gary Jackman, Choreographer

Brian always understands what I want to achieve, and makes it happen very quickly.


He is not only excellent at what he does, but great company too!

- Anna Fowler, TV Presenter

I have been using Brian’s showreel services for a few years now and find his work excellent.


He is very patient (which is an important part of producing showreels) and will direct the showreel edit to achieve the best results.


I have been invited to many castings thanks to the reel Brian made for me.


I would recommend his services to anyone requiring a showreel

- Richie Litchfield, TV Presenter

I needed a showreel edited for my band ‘We Be Jammin!’ and Brian really made sure it both looked and sounded great.


It’s been much complimented since by various agents and I can’t thank Brian enough.


Great service, great value


Paul Cherrie, Tropical Entertainments

Very happy with the reel.


Got a new agent as a result and lots of hits on Casting Call Pro

- Diana Walker

Brian produced an excellent voicereel for me and at such a great price!


With his encouragement he is able to help you to feel relaxed in the studio, but he can also give pointers and direction to help you really show off the best of your vocal talent.


I am very happy with my new voicereel and I’m looking forward to using it to gain voiceover work.


Thanks, Brian!


- Richelle Anim

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