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A disturbed single mother must confront a mysterious stranger to protect her home, but her struggle to hold onto her sanity could doom them both.

Thrilled by Don’t Breathe?  Memerised by Blue Ruin?  Excited by Get Out?
Intrigued by Shutter Island?  Love Misery?  Fooled by Psycho?
The Redeeming is for you.


The Redeeming is an intense psychological thriller with breath-taking performances from Tracey Ann Wood (Joyce) and Ryan Wichert (John).


Filmed during the worst storms the UK had experienced in two decades, cast and crew were trapped in a remote Somerset (SW England) farmhouse, with rising floodwaters cutting them off physically and mentally.


It’s this isolation and disturbed atmosphere that create the intense claustrophobia of the film.


The Redeeming grips audiences and forces them to face the past in a way that is deeply personal.


This psychological thriller will appeal to fans of classic films like Shutter Island, The Others, Misery, The Shining and Psycho.


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