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Showreels edited - Voicereels recorded

Selftape auditions recorded

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Recording Selftape Auditions


This is a new service I am now able to offer.  With the increase in remote auditioning, you may need to record and upload yourself on camera, but you don’t want to have to worry about the technical side of the setup while trying to focus on your acting.  That’s where I can help.


I have a small studio space where you can record yourself either against black or a chroma key background, which can be replaced with anything you want.


You can perform either sitting or standing, and you can move around a little, but it’s a small space.


Price to record a single audition piece, encode and upload to your client:-


Black background - £40


Chroma key background - £60


The videos below demonstrate pieces recorded on my chroma key backing in my studio.

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