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Press coverage and quotes
BBC: ‘It’s a brilliant film’
Kim Newman: ‘Delivers some subtle chills’
BBC: ‘Psychologically terrifying’
BBC’s Tony Fisher: ‘Masterful’
‘Cast and crew have crafted a winner’
‘The Redeeming Nominated for Best Thriller’
‘How You Can Define Success for Your No-Budget Film’
‘How You Can Make Money with Your No-Budget Film’
The Filmmakers’ Podcast
Media Coach Podcast
Creativity Talks podcast
Indie Film Grit Podcast
‘★★★★ Keeps you guessing’
‘Psychological thriller at its best’
‘Top Films of 2017’
‘★★★★ Intense and tender’
‘Surprisingly heartwarming ending’
‘Emotional and suspenseful thriller’
‘Will keep genre fans entertained’
Brian Barnes Discusses ‘The Redeeming’
‘Really solid performances’
Extra Features Podcast
2018’s Top 10 Trailers on Britflicks
Number 3 trailer on Britflicks July 2018
Number 3 trailer on Britflicks June 2018
Interview with Star Ryan Wichert
BBC Radio Somerset Interview
‘Miracle Worker’
Making Feature Films for No Money
Making ‘The Redeeming’
‘The Horror of Rotherhithe’
Film Debate
Indie Activity 6th Dec 2017
The Horrorcist 5th Nov 2017
Daily Dead 3rd Nov 2017
Britflicks 2nd Nov 2017
14 tips for shooting your first feature film
I can see big things for this film...
...look forward to his upcoming movie The Redeeming
Cannes - Lessons from the market
Cannes report
‘Compelling viewing!’ - Claire, 35, London
‘A thriller that leaves you thinking.’ - Skye, 24, London
‘Looks great!’ - Ruth Mancini, Novelist
‘The Redeeming looks fabulous!’ - Louise, Mature Student, Southport
‘The woman is captured very well - the aura of unpredictability, personal fear...’ - Danielle L, Student

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