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The Redeeming is a psychological thriller feature film


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A disturbed single mother must confront a mysterious stranger to protect her home, but her struggle to hold onto her sanity could doom them both.
Thrilled by Don’t Breathe?  Memerised by Blue Ruin?  Excited by Get Out?
Intrigued by Shutter Island?  Love Misery?  Fooled by Psycho?
The Redeeming is for you.
The Story

The Redeeming is a gripping psychological thriller in which disturbed single mother Joyce must confront mysterious stranger John to protect her home, but her struggle to hold onto her sanity could doom them both.

Joyce has a hidden past that she has blocked from her mind. Now, fragments of these buried memories are beginning to surface.

Worried about her state of mind, she takes shelter from a raging storm in an isolated cottage.

When mysterious stranger John breaks into her life, Joyce must protect herself and her home.

But, her struggle with her inner demons could push Joyce over the edge and doom them both.

After a fight and chase through the house, a shocking twist reveals just how fragile Joyce’s reality has become.




About the film


The Redeeming has a thrilling script and mesmerising performances from Tracey Ann Wood (Joyce) and Ryan Wichert (John).


This exciting cat and mouse power struggle plays out over the course of one night.  Unexpected twists and turns mean that you can never know what will happen next.

We filmed partly by candlelight during the worst storms the UK had experienced in two decades.  Cast and crew were trapped in a remote Somerset (SW England) farmhouse, with rising floodwaters cutting us off physically and mentally.


We channelled this isolation and disturbed atmosphere to create the intense claustrophobia of the film.

This absorbing psychological thriller will appeal to fans of Don’t Breathe, Blue Ruin and Get Out plus classic films like Shutter Island, Misery, The Shining and Psycho.

The story forces viewers to acknowledge that we all believe what we need to believe in order to survive.


The Redeeming is the debut feature by Brian Barnes (“the world’s most experienced first-time director”), who gave Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, Batman) his first job.


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