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The sound enters the final furlong

We had an enjoyable ADR session with our star Tracey Ann Wood (Joyce) today. This was the last planned recording session before we enter the final mixing stage of the film.

ADR stands for “Additional Dialogue Recording” or “Automated Dialogue Replacement”. It’s basically a way to repair any issues in the sound caused by stray noises. It’s also a chance for an actor to finesse their performance and add some extra nuance to their line readings.

Now it’s on to the mix. The final mix is one of the most exciting parts of filmmaking. It’s where we can at last see the film come together as a completed entity for the first time since we began the journey of making the film all those years ago back in mid-2013.

I can’t wait to get in the studio and see the film come to life!

This picture shows the set-up in the sound mixing studio that we’re using in London’s West End. It’s the same studio where they mix major films and TV dramas, so we’re in great hands.

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