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Announcing the completion of grading

We’re still working on the sound for the film, but we’re delighted to announce the completion of the grading process of “The Redeeming”.

To demonstrate the sort of thing that we have been up to, you can see an example of some “before” and “after” shots below.

Grading examples from The Redeeming

Effectively, what we have been doing is adding more “atmosphere” to the film to make it more enjoyable and immersive to watch.

We’ve also been working on some VFX shots. VFX stands for “visual effects”, which is a shorthand way of saying that we’re making subtle adjustments to what you see in some of the shots.

These adjustments can be as simple as slowing down or speeding up a shot, through to zooming up a shot, or something more complex like changing the way an object looks.

You can see my favourite example of some of the really tricky VFX work the film has needed here. You can see that we really had our work cut out for us! ;o)

We’re now getting ready to “take the film to Cannes”. Cannes is the world’s largest film market, so we’ll see how the film is received over there in May and we’ll let you know how things go.

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