I’ve created a tiered pricing structure for the course videos, so you can pay at the level you feel comfortable with.


This makes it accessible and affordable to any filmmaker.


For $26.99 you can download the full video course.

You can get a better idea of what the course covers by downloading the presentation that I use in the video series.

1 - Download my presentation for free
2 - Get the full course
Corporate Video Training for Filmmakers

Backed by my 30-day money back guarantee (T&Cs apply.  See below.)

You can then see for yourself just how extensive, in-depth and valuable the material is.


The videos run for over 4 hours.


I share with you the lessons I have spent a lifetime learning.


I’ve designed the seminar to teach you what I wanted to know when I was in your position.

1 - Download my presentation and watch 2 episodes for FREE


2 - Get the full 4-hour 9-part video seminar series for $26.99

Two ways to get the course

“This is essential stuff if you actually want to make a living making movies.” - Michael W

“This is a must for every filmmaker!  All in all, a winner of a course.” - Gordon M

The videos are free of copy-protection, so you can watch them on any device.


The course is presented as 9 parts, with a total running time of over 4 hours.


You can buy and instantly download the course videos using this button.


When you click on the button, you will be taken to an external site called Reelhouse, where you can pay securely with your credit card.

You can order with confidence, as the video seminar is backed by my 30 day money back guarantee.


If for any reason during the first month of having the course, you decide that the Succeeding in Corporate Videos seminar series is not helpful to you, you can ask for your money back.


All I ask is that you try the course out fully and do the workshop exercises I give you in the course.  If after that, you still feel that it’s not right for you, just write to me and explain why it’s not suitable and I’ll refund your money.

30 Day

money back


Succeeding in Corporate Videos

Your most practical way to make money making films

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