Succeeding in Corporate Videos

The most practical way for you to make a living making films

Corporate Video Training for Filmmakers

Learn to build and grow your filmmaking career

Enjoy a Free Preview of the first two episodes of the course.

Episode 1 of 9 - Laying out the plan

An overview of the course content and structure.

Episode 2 of 9 - Finding your opportunities

A survey of the huge market opportunity to make corporate videos.

Full Course Content
  • Episode 1 - Laying Out the Plan - an overview of the course content and structure

  • Episode 2 - Finding Your Opportunities - a survey of the huge market opportunity to make corporate videos

  • Episode 3 - Understanding Your Market - a look at the sort of people you’ll be working with in the corporate video sector, plus a few thoughts on how to find work and how to cope with the market’s ups and downs

  • Episode 4 - Breaking Into Your Market - detailed tips and tricks for what you need to do to approach your chosen market and start to carve your niche in the sector

  • Episode 5 – Managing the Video - a collection of tips on how to take a brief, how to write a script, how to handle the production of the video (including interviewing tips) and how to manage the client

  • Episode 6 - Running Your Business - tips and techniques for how to track down prospects, how to get a pitch meeting with them, how to make the pitch, how to make the sale, how to think about your business growth strategy

  • Episode 7 - Growing Your Business - tips and techniques to grow your business, including the best ways to improve your networking by devising an effective networking pitch, and handling objections and crisis situations

  • Episode 8 - Analysing a Video - a detailed break down of a case study video - how it was pitched, written, shot, edited, re-cut and delivered.  This episode consistently gets the best feedback from previous course owners, because it’s so packed with killer content.

  • Episode 9 - Summing Up - a refresher of the key learning points, plus some final inspiration to get you enthused and ready to start building your corporate video business.

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