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astrophysicist turned emotion-driven filmmaker

I make films about people forced to confront the reality that the world is not as it seems.

“Barnes is an obviously gifted filmmaker”

The Independent Critic

Feature Documentary Released

Healing with Hypnotherapy 16x9 TINY.jpg

Shot under lockdown in early 2021, my new feature documentary ‘Healing with Hypnotherapy’ has just been released.  You can see the trailer and learn more here.

New Feature Projects


Shot under lockdown in January and February 2021, my 2 new feature films are coming together.  They’re documentaries – one about hypnotherapy and the other about flying radio-controlled model aircraft.  I’m hoping that ‘Healing with Hypnotherapy’ will be completed and released by the beginning of 2022.

Making Films Under Lockdown

I have been making a few short films under lockdown.  So far, I have shot 2 of them and I’m planning my third.  It’s proving quite fiddly, as I’m on my own, so I’m having to star in the films, as well as shoot and edit, but it’s really fun.  Click on the image to watch one of them.

Vote for ‘The Redeeming’ as Best Thriller

‘The Redeeming’ has been nominated for Best Thriller in the 2019 National Film Awards.  You can cast your vote here.

‘The Redeeming’ West End Premiere Announced

We’re currently crowd-funding for my debut feature film ‘The Redeeming’ to play its West End Premiere on Tuesday 6th February 2018 at the Vue Piccadilly.  Click the picture for details.

‘The Redeeming’ World Premiere Announced

My debut feature film ‘The Redeeming’ will play its World Premiere on Sunday 28th January 2018.  Full venue details to follow, but I can tell you that it is at a film festival about an hour outside London.  Very excited to be sharing the film with everyone.

‘The Redeeming’ locks picture

After a thorough edit, we have now locked picture on my first feature film.  We’re starting the grade and working on the sound design and music.

Shooting new sketch comedy

We’ve started shooting our new sketch comedy web series “Fetch A Sketch”.  Great material and a fab troupe of actors mean that this will be a wonderful project for all involved.

The Redeeming’s First Write-up

The Redeeming has had a lovely write-up on a film review blog.  Click here to read it.

The Urge Continues to Thrive

The Urge has now spent more than a full year as the 8th most watched horror film on IndieFlix.  I’m very proud of my cast and crew for this tremendous achievement by our little film.  It’s also had a little write-up on the front page of Euroscript’s website.

The Redeeming teaser trailer coming soon

The teaser trailer for The Redeeming is now finished and will be available here very soon.

The Urge Hits Big on Indieflix

For 9 months straight, The Urge has been the 8th most watched horror film on IndieFlix, the streaming video-on-demand service for independent films.  I’m very proud.

Feature film “The Redeeming” wrapped

Our feature film shoot for The Redeeming has now wrapped.  All went well and the editing is now happening.  Click the image to go to the film’s website.

The Urge Launches on IndieFlix

My multiple award-winning psychological horror short The Urge is now playing on streaming video on demand service IndieFlix.

Click the image for cheap access at $3 per month.

Feature Film in Full Pre-production

The feature film is in full preparation, with rehearsals and logistics planning taking place.  Here’s our temporary poster - click it to see the film’s website.  Let me know what you think.

Commercial a Hit!

One month after launch, the numbers are in.  The commercial has been viewed over 23,000 times and the client is delighted.  “The commercial not only met our objectives but the measured results exceeded our expectations.”  Compared with the commercial that I pitched to replace, the client has shaved over a quarter off their ad budget and yet seen web traffic more than double.  I’m happy to help!

Feature film in pre-production

I’m in pre-production on my first solo feature film.  We’ve got a couple of actors from the commercial in the cast.  We’ve been workshopping and rehearsing ahead of the late-January shoot.  We’ve only got a working title for the film at the moment, which I can’t share with you yet.  The film is a psychological thriller in the vein of Misery.  Watch this space for updates!

Carloan4U Commercial Finished

After an exhaustive casting process, a really fun shoot, smooth edit and satisfying mix, the commercial is now done.  Click the image to see the finished piece.

The Urge Wins Best Film

In front of a packed house at The Barbican Cinema, The Urge won the Best Film Award at the 11th Kinoteka London Polish Film Festival.  Jury president was Timothy Burrill, Roman Polanski’s producer.  Click the image to learn about The Urge.

Gillian’s Persona Launches

Gillian’s Persona, a season of the world’s first soap opera for smartphones launches worldwide.  The everyday story of a DJ with a dream.  Click the image to watch the show.

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